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EFSports.com first started offering fantasy football teams to the general public in 1999. Our mission at EFSports is to create the most realistic sport simulations on the market. We offer more than just fantasy sports. You don’t just play — you own, manage and control every aspect of your team and every move matters. Each sport simulation runs year-round. You’ve won everywhere else, now it’s time to step up to a REAL challenge at the most comprehensive fantasy sports site around — EFSports.com.

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Our Fantasy Football is designed to emulate the real thing. Our evolution ahead of the pack ensures we’ll bring you the most cutting-edge features you won’t find anywhere else but the NFL. At EFSports you play EVERY team in your league to determine who goes to the playoffs. Your roster covers every position in the NFL — from wide receivers to running backs, from safeties to defensive tackles, from quarterbacks to fullbacks — we’ve got it all. That’s a full 53 man roster with 8 man practice squad, filled by trades, annual rookie drafts, unrestricted and restricted free agency. With the most complete fantasy football on the net, come check us out today

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Beginning in 2010, EFSports will be offering Fantasy Baseball teams on a limited basis, going full-throttle in 2011. Like our football product, our fantasy baseball will make everyone else look they’re whiffing at the plate. We’ll offer a full 40 man active roster covering all the bases along with a minor league farm system, annual rule 5 drafts, trading for "player(s) to be named later", and much more. Please check back for continuing updates!

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