EFS Guide, Tips and Best Online Sites for Betting on It

To win in fantasy sports online, it is important to understand the fantasy football basics, how the games are played and the main leagues. Here is everything you need to know about fantasy sports.

What is Extreme Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports, also referred to as roto, are games that allow you to play online in a virtual season or game. In fantasy sports, fans pose as the field and general team managers. This means they have the opportunity to build their lineups in order to throw the best statistical production.

In the case of extreme fantasy sports (efsports), the competing teams operate in extremely violent variants of their games. If you want to participate in the sports, it is important to learn the fantasy football basics and follow pro tips.

8 Tips for Winning in Fantasy Sports

  • Plan about 5 Fixtures Ahead

One of the fantasy football basics or other fantasy sports is that the dream scenario is transferring players in before they strike their best form. This means that you take advantage of the players’ low cost and make money as their form peaks.

  • Put Aside Reputations

In sports such as extreme fantasy football, you do not need to worry much about rules. You should not pick players based on value alone as it happens in standard football. Instead, you should be fast to ditch even top names for the new stars!

  • Be Ahead of injury News

A last minute injury in fantasy sport can make you lose. Therefore, you should consider saving the transfer window to the last moment because most team managers in fantasy action sports announce their injuries in late conferences; a day or two before games begin.

  • Squad Goals

If you are playing extreme league football, getting the best 11 at the beginning and introducing poorer ones later might look great. But it is not. You should ensure to have some great players on reserve in case of injuries or suspensions.

  • Use Transfers Properly

Though great news about the top players might be hitting the news from all corners, it is important to be careful about who to choose because only 38 transfers are available every week.

  • Save your Chips for Fixture Changes

As you focus on fantasy football basics online, it is important to appreciate that the chips offered to managers are limited. In most of the cases, only three are available. Therefore, you should use them carefully to boost points haul.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

If your main aim is to earn an award over competitors, it pays to understand the fantasy football basics and keeping an eye on what they are doing.

  • Provide Special Bonuses

Make sure to include deposit and no deposit casino bonus for new players so people can try their games for free or increase your bankroll.

Where Can You Play EFS?

Now that you know the best tips for winning in fantasy sports, it is time to look at where you can play them. Here is a list of top 7 places where you can play EFS.

  • Draftkings

Draftkings has cut a name for its huge winnings during the weekly and daily fantasy pools. The app is really fun!

  • Draft Wizard

This app is one of the most intuitive for fantasy sports because of impressive features such as live draft assistant that gets most concepts explained, draft analyzer, and info on most players. It also makes it easy to learn the basics of fantasy football.

  • Draft Punk

This is designed for online fantasy football alone. It is very popular for allowing players to perform mock drafts and track over 1000 players in dynasty football websites or others.

  • EPN Fantasy Sports

This is another highly popular fantasy sports app because it supports diverse sports such as football, baseball, hockey and basketball. You can use it to create own league or join the existing ones.

  • Fanduel

This is a four star rated sports app that closely resembles Draftkings. It allows you to bet on your fantasy team, provides regular news about players, and is ideal for both experienced and starter bettors.

  • RealFerr

This is a leading fantasy sports app for European soccer fans. The app is known for its features and leagues diversity.

  • CBS Fantasy Sports

This is an all-in-one fantasy sports app with features such as season projects, mocks, and player news.

Types of Fantasy Football Leagues

If you fancy fantasy sports, what options do you have for football leagues? From the very first start, try to make the difference between placing bets on Fantasy Sports and sports betting on tennis, for example. There are many similarities like betting for free, with no deposit bonuses, but there are also several differences that you need to know. After learning the fantasy football basics, here are the top online fantasy football leagues to consider:

  • Standard Draft league

These are the most popular extreme fantasy football leagues that start with teams picking their players in a serpentine style draft. Then, owners set lineups every week.

  • Auction Draft Leagues

The auction draft leagues can use either a total point system or head-to-head system. In this type of league, the owners get a predetermined amount of cash to bid on players that go to their roster.

  • Dynasty Leagues

These leagues are considered for serious fantasy football owners and need a lot of commitment in multiple seasons. They are available in dynasty football websites and players are required to remain in the same roster from one season to another unless traded or released.

  • Keeper Leagues

This is a combination of draft league and dynasty league. Owners are allowed to keep a predetermined number of players.

  • IDP Leagues

These types of fantasy sport leagues use defensive players on an individual basis as opposed to a defensive unit.

  • Survivor leagues

These leagues can use any type of draft. However, they mainly follow the auction or standard method.

Mobile Fantasy Sports Betting

If you want to bet on fantasy sports such as extreme league football or fantasy action sports, you need to identify a casino or booker with mobile casinos. This makes it easy to place bets and check results on a mobile device like a tablet. The online casinos usually offer a no deposit bonus for the first time players. Remember that you need to start by ensuring it is a legal online casino before registering for an account.

Free Fantasy Sports Betting

If you are a beginner and still learning the fantasy football basics, there are many online sites that offer free leagues and also have huge prizes for top players. This is a great option for starters who want to learn before starting to play with real money. Great examples include DraftDay and Fanduel sites.

If you love sports betting in fantasy sports online, it is important to understand the fantasy football basics, key leagues and useful tips. Remember that you can bet for free by selecting an online casino with different casino bonuses. Do not just bet on any sport; get some extra thrill betting on fantasy sports online.