Evolved Fantasy Sports

About EFSports:

Since the original 8 team league was formed in 1993, EFSports has continued its evolution as the premier dynasty sports site on the Internet.  Our goal has always been to be at the cutting edge of fantasy sports gameplay.  Anyone can throw up a fantasy sports website but few have had the vision to evolve their game to meet the needs of the ever knowledgeable fantasy sports enthusiast.

While others were saying anything more than a 10 team league was too much, we evolved to 12 teams then to 16.  We even created the most unique scheduling format in the industry to support full head to head play while completing a full 6 team, 3 round playoff system.  You make the playoffs by playing EVERY team in the league.

When the naysayers shouted that IDP would never make it into fantasy football, we not only added it, we also evolved our lineup to include a full 53 man roster and 8 man practice squad complete with individual positions on both sides of the ball including offensive linemen, fullbacks and punters.

When Mr. Negativity squawked that redraft leagues were the only way to go, we evolved into the most comprehensive dynasty format in all the land.  While we were at it, we added full featured drafts, both veteran and rookie.  We even kicked in trading for not only players but current and future year draft picks.  And we also developed restricted and unrestricted free agency and added salary and contract caps to cover those aspects as well.

Of course you can guess by now that when we start to discuss performance based salaries, off-season roster exemptions and virtual agent player representation the establishment continues to grumble.  By now they should know that EFSports isn’t fading away and we will continue to evolve the fantasy sports genome.

Our mission at EFSports is to create the most realistic sport simulations on the market. We offer more than just fantasy sports.  You don’t just play — you own, manage and control every aspect of your team and every move matters.  Each sport simulation runs year-round.  You’ve won everywhere else, now it’s time to step up to a REAL challenge at the most comprehensive fantasy sports site around — EFSports.com.