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Look around. See all we have to offer. Then ask yourself one question, do I have what it takes to win at fantasy football HERE?

Welcome to EFSports! EFSports dramatically improves the fantasy football experience with our fanatical simulation of the NFL. Here you can demonstrate how much better of a fantasy football coach and general manager you are!   With our year-round fantasy football, you will assemble a 53 man active roster and 8 man practice squad, maintaining your roster via salary and contract negotiation. You play EVERY team in your league during the EFS fantasy football regular season to determine who is best.

We are a dynasty site where you can pick yourself from the depths to contention between seasons by trading players, for other players as well as current veteran and future rookie draft picks. EFS not only has free agency and a waiver wire like other sites, but also holds annual 7 round rookie drafts and restricted free agency early every year while other fantasy football sites shut down!

STILL not tough enough?! We also feature scoring for nearly every NFL position, including individual offensive linemen, fullbacks, defensive backs, linebackers and defensive lineman, along with the usual scoring for quarterbacks, running backs and receivers with over 20 categories of scoring in all in EFS fantasy football!

We offer 12 team leagues which are recommended for beginners and can later expand to 16 teams via an expansion draft.   Our 16 team fantasy football leagues simulate a full NFL conference.  And the best part is, if you reach the Superbowl, you play the next year FOR FREE! Superbowl winners also pocket an additional $100 BUCKS from escrow!

EFSports offers the most complete fantasy football experience on the internet, BAR NONE. Come check us out today!


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