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Greenwich Mean Time is a world standard consisting of 24 time zones starting at GMT 0 which, to give you an idea of the location, passes through Greenwich, England. GMT time zones decrease from GMT-1 to GMT-12 heading West. GMT time zones increase from GMT+1 to GMT+12 heading East.

The United States is used to the Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific standard time zones which are GMT-5, GMT-6, GMT-7, and GMT-8, respectively. During the summer months, Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Daylight Savings time zones are GMT-4, GMT-5, GMT-6, GMT-7, respectively.

Zone City or Area Zone Crosses Daylight Savings Time
 GMT -12  Eniwetok  
 GMT -11  Samoa  
 GMT -10  Hawaii  
 GMT -9  Alaska  
 GMT -8  PST, Pacific US  GMT -7 PDT
 GMT -7  MST, Mountain US  GMT -6 MDT
 GMT -6  CST, Central US  GMT -5 CDT
 GMT -5  EST, Eastern US  GMT -4 EDT
 GMT -4  Atlantic, Canada  
 GMT -3  Brazilia, Buenos Aries  
 GMT -2  Mid-Atlantic  
 GMT -1  Cape Verdes  
 GMT  Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich  
 GMT +1  Berlin, Rome  
 GMT +2  Israel, Cairo  
 GMT +3  Moscow, Kuwait  
 GMT +4  Abu Dhabi, Muscat  
 GMT +5  Islamabad, Karachi  
 GMT +6  Almaty, Dhaka  
 GMT +7  Bangkok, Jakarta  
 GMT +8  Hong Kong, Beijing  
 GMT +9  Tokyo, Osaka  
 GMT +10  Sydney, Melbourne, Guam  
 GMT +11  Magadan, Soloman Is.  
 GMT +12  Fiji, Wellington, Auckland  
Please, Note ALL North American Zones are Negative and are shown in Red.