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Frequently Asked Questions
EFS Football Guest Login
Try our FF ‘Guest Login’ below and check out the BIG DOGS!As a Guest, you can perform all features available to full EFS fantasy football members!

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Question Answer
What browsers are supported? Internet Explorer 6.0+, Netscape 7.1+ and Mozilla 1.7+ are supported. Other browsers should work but are unsupported, including NON-frame and beta browsers. Firefox is recommended.
If I have a problem what do I do? Email EFSports. We monitor this all the time.
What is GMT GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. It is a way of expressing time so that people can understand what time it is no matter what time zone they live in. Because we have owners participating in our leagues from all over the United States, as well as other countries, we need to use GMT for our system. On your owner master, there is a place for you enter a GMT offset and the system will convert the GMT times used in the system to your local time. (For example, Central Daylight Savings time requires an offset of -5 from GMT.)
Is the System up all the time? No. We do backups everyday. This process runs from 30mn to 1hr. Unless we have some unforseen problem, the site is up 23+ hrs a day.
I signed up but I don’t like it and I want my money back. What do i do? We don’t offer refunds but your credit card company may. We know we are not the average fantasy football site, so please do as much research into our fantasy football system before signing up, especially read the EFS Rules pages. Don’t join an EFS league if you don’t want to give it the effort. There are many other services that offer less realistic and less complex rules.
Who is the league commissioner? Owner ID 1 is set as commissioner, Owner ID 2 is Vice-commissioner. The only functions that these 2 ids perform is setting the draft date & time and the pick durations for online users and non-online users and updating the league name. This could change in the future, but today this is it.
What do I do IF…? Check here (the faq) first, then read the rules. If they are not clear, email EFSports or call us. We can explain. We are here to make this fun and complete!
What’s the history of EFSports Fantasy Football? We have been playing with rules close to those of today since around 1998 and commercial soon after.
Is your company part of some multi national right/left wing conspiracy? No, we are a few folks that want this to work for both the Owners and us. (Side note: Yes, we would like to make some money.) It started out with 3 — one left wing guy, one right wing girl and one ride the fence guy, but the left wing guy convinced us to donate 5% to charities (he had a gun on me at the time).
How do I know you can handle capacity? 01) We have budgeted our hardware based on users 02) We over-purchased our system up front 03) Delivery on upgrades for us is less than 14 days 04) THIS AIN’T NO PC SYSTEM (we can upgrade within our line of hardware to over 1300% of current capacity)
How do I login? At our home page, www.efsports.com, as well as from this page, there is a "Login" area. You will receive an email when you sign up telling you what your Customer ID, league number, owner number, and initial password are. Enter your Customer ID and your password at the login. Click on the ">>Enter EFS Fantasy Sports" button. This will take you to the Owner’s Page. On this page you will see all of your EFS teams.
How do I change my password? Once logged-in, you can change your password at the Customer Master page.
I forgot my password, what can I do? Go to the Email Password Reminder page and use an email address on file with us.
I’ve just bought an EFS Fantasy Football team. Do you have any advice for how to start? Yes. Please read the Fantasy Football New Owner’s Guide
How do I contact other owners in my league? You can find owner email addresses at the "League Information" page along with the names, team names, owner Ids, State, e-mail address, AOL Messenger ID, ICQ number and MSN Messenger ID for all of the owners in your league.

This display also shows summary information about each owner (number of players on his/her roster, total salary, total contracts used, etc.) This is a useful tool for determining whether another owner is in salary cap trouble, etc. and might consider a trade with you to reduce his salary cap.
How do I check the scores to see how I did? From the Owner’s Page, go to the "Seasonal" menu item and select "Weekly Points". At the "Weekly Points Review" display, enter your league id, owner id, week (1-16), and year and click on the "Submit" button. This will display a game points detail page with total points and points by category (passing, rushing, receiving, etc.). If you don’t remember who you are playing that week, return to the owners page and select "Scores and Standings" scroll down to view the "Weekly Schedule" which will show you which owner id you are playing each week of the season. Below "Weekly Team Scores and Team Totals" is a section labeled "Yearly Standings and Scores" which shows the average points, wins, losses, ties, etc. for each team in your league.
When are scores updated? Scoring is processed Monday morning for games through Sunday and Tuesday morning for Monday night games. Updated scores are generally available by 16:00 GMT on the respective days (11:00 AM EST).
I’m going on vacation. How do I set Starters? Under the "Seasonal" menu item, select "Set Starters" and enter the week you will be gone. Then enter starters as usual. If you will be gone for more than a week, enter the starters for each week to set and update each week. Starters are stored by week so each week will have the unique starters you select. While you are gone your starters will be used as you entered them.
I’m going on vacation. How do I draft? Under the "Draft" menu item, enter your picks in the Veteran and/or Rookie draft lists. Under your "Owner Master" you can turn on your vacation flag. Then when the draft begins you will be auto-picked by the system based on your lists. If you do not enter a list you will be drafted based on Position/average points or NFL rookie draft slot.
I’ve been on vacation for a week. How can I tell what happened while I was gone? Check "Scores & Standings" to see who won or lost weekly EFS games. For roster activity, select the "Transactions" link from the "League Moves" menu item. This will display a list of roster actions starting with the most recent.
How do I set my starters each week? Choose "Set Starters" from the "Seasonal" menu item. Select the week you want and click the "Submit Week" button. If you want to duplicate last week’s starters and make changes, click the check box next to "Duplicate Last Week". You can then select and/or deselect the players you want.
How do I enter trades? Both owners must agree to a trade; therefore, there are 3 steps to logging a trade. First, one of the owners must enter a proposed trade. Second, the other owner must accept the trade proposal. Then, the trade must be approved by the owners in the league.

To enter a proposed trade, click on "Trades" from the "League Moves" menu item. This will display the Trade History screen. Click "New Trade". Enter one or more of your players or rookie draft picks. Make sure you enter one of YOUR players or picks first. You can then enter any additional players or picks for you and one of the other owners in your league. (At this point, we do not support 3-owner trades.) Once you have entered all of the players and picks, click on "Submit", and the trade will be assigned a trade ID. You can come back to Trade History to check the status of the trade at any time. (See the rules for a description of status codes.) The other owner will be notified through the Notification table that he has a trade proposal pending.

The other owner can 1) accept the trade as it is, 2) reject the trade outright, or 3) modify the trade. If he modifies the trade, this becomes a trade proposal to you, and you can accept it, reject it, or modify it. Once both players accept a trade, the league owners have the opportunity to vote on the trade. (See the rules for details on the voting process).

Can I claim a player that another owner has cut without bidding for him in free agency? All players that are cut from a team must go through waivers first before becoming a free agent. Players that are cut can be claimed at their current salary and contract in the first 7 days after they are cut. See the rules for waiver claim order.
I’ve traded some draft picks. How can I get a current list of draft picks? |

I’d like to trade for a specific pick. How do I find out who owns it?
From the "Draft" menu, choose "Current Picks" for a list of the current year’s draft picks or click on "All Picks" for a list of the current year’s picks and the next two years. Remember that future years pick order will be determined by reverse order of finish in the previous year, so if you trade for a future first round pick, it could be the first pick in the draft or the 12th. After you have held your rookie draft for the current year, the player picked at each pick will be shown on the Draft Picks screen, so don’t worry about keeping track of who was drafted during the draft, just click on "Current Picks" after your draft is complete and print a copy.
Can I claim a player from another team’s practice squad? Yes, you sure can. Click on "Practice Squad Claims" under "League Moves" and you will see a list of practice squad players (your practice squad players are not displayed since you can’t claim one of your own players). Then, click on the player ID of the player you want to claim. Once a claim has been made for a practice squad player, other bids can be made by other owners. See the rules for the time limits as they differ for offseason versus in season. Once the bid has been locked, no further bids are accepted, and the owner of the practice squad player has 72 hours to match the bid (which involves an automatic promotion to the active roster). If the owner does not match the bid, the owner making the claim is awarded the player and must place them on their active roster. To match a practice squad claim, choose on "Practice Squad Match List".
How do I bid on a free agent? There are 2 kinds of free agents. First, there are Restricted Free Agents whose contracts expire in January. These players must go through Restricted Free Agency before becoming Unrestricted Free Agents. See the rules for compensation involved in Restricted Free Agency. Restricted Free Agents can be bid upon by clicking on the "RFA Bid List" from the "League Moves" menu. Then click on the Restricted Free Agent’s player ID that you want to bid on and enter your bid. Restricted Free Agents bids can be matched by clicking on the "RFA Match List" from the "League Moves" menu.

Unrestricted Free Agents can be bid on by clicking "FA by Position" or "FA Bid List" from the "League Moves" menu. "FA by Position" allows you to select free agents at a particular position while "FA Bid List" shows a list of free agents that already have bids entered. In either case, click on the player ID of the player you want to bid on and enter your bid.

What are these draft lists I see mentioned? For a number of reasons, owners may not be able to participate in an online draft. We have provided the ability to identify the sequence of player selections in both the veteran draft (for new leagues) and the rookie draft. You may enter the appropriate list(s) by choosing the "Enter Veteran Draft List" or "Enter Rookie Draft List" from the "Draft" menu. You may want to enter a draft list even if you plan to draft online just in case there is a problem that keeps you from drafting at the last moment. Then, in the event that your Internet Service Provider has a problem or your local telephone service is out or you have a problem with your browser and cannot participate effectively, you will still get the players you would have selected online.

In order to keep the online drafts from dragging on forever, there is a maximum time allowed per pick in the League Master. This can be set by the Commissioner and Vice-Commissioner. If you are logged on to the draft, you will have that amount of time to select a player. If you are not logged on to the draft, a player will be selected for you right away. In either event, the system will check to see if you have entered a draft list, and if so, will select from that list in the order you specified. If you have not entered a draft list and are not online, the system will select a player for you based on NFL draft order.

What is your "typical" Roster Lineup? We don’t have a "typical" roster setup. Because we support multiple setups on defense and offense, you can lean toward more DLs if you prefer a 4-3 or more LBs if you like a 3-4 or more DBs if you run a 3-3-5 or 3-2-6. Same goes for offense, you must have 5 OLs so you usually carry 7 or more, 2 QBs and 2 RBs because you must have 1 starter, then for TE and WR again you can mix, since you can run multiple sets, 2 RB, 1 RE and 3 WRs or 1 RB, 2 TEs and 2 WRs or 2RB and 4 WRs. Your roster, especially injuries, may dictate your line up or your philosophy may dictate your draft and FA pick ups. EFS provides many line up options and many ways to build a line up strategy YOU prefer.


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