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File Name File Description
  iSeriesODBCInstall.zip ODBC driver to peruse player data files. Here are the instructions to setup the EFS data source to follow AFTER downloading, decompressing using Winzip (or a similar program) and running the Setup program:

  1. Hit START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. (In NT,2000 or XP this may be different)
  2. Doubleclick on ODBC Data Sources icon.
  3. Click ADD (on the User DSN tab).
  4. Select the iSeries Access Driver. Hit FINISH. It should bring up the Data Source window.
  5. Under the General Tab: set Data Source name to "dynasty" and set System to "".
  6. Under the Server Tab: set SQL Default Library to "ffodbc" and set Connection Type to "Read Only".
  7. Under the Packages Tab: set Package Library to "ffodbc".
  8. Hit OK at the bottom of the Data Source window. *The Data Source should now be setup.*

Here are the instructions to follow to setup Microsoft Access AFTER setting up the data source.

  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Select a clean database or the database you want to put EFS data into. Best to create a new database.
  4. You need to then select LINK TABLES. A table list will come up. Link the ones you’re interested in.
  5. Use the Logon Name: ODBCUSER and Password: ODBCUSER (You may get an error when you try to execute. Ignore it.)
  6. After a minute or so, you should see a list of tables. You can select which ones you plan to use. Note: you actually have read-only access to a limited set of the EFS tables via some indirect pointers.
To download a file above, right-click the file and choose "Save Target as…" to save it to your hard drive.
  Sun JVM Manual Installation page Assuming you have some version of a Windows operating system:

  1. Go to the Windows Update page FIRST and make sure you have ALL critical, security and browser updates EXCEPT FOR "810030: Microsoft VM Security Update". (Accessed only by Internet Explorer browser.)
  2. After all of those Windows updates have been properly installed (restarting your machine, when necessary), go to the Sun JVM Manual Installation page and select the JRE (java runtime environment) for your operating system — windows is at the top via a Download link. (You can run it automatically, but if something goes wrong, it won’t tell you.)
  3. Run the downloaded JRE file on your machine.
  4. After it runs, go to the Control Panel and doubleclick on the Java Console. Under Browser, make sure your browser(s)-of-choice are "checked".
  5. In Internet Explorer, choose "Tools" then "Internet Options…" then the "Advanced" tab. MAKE SURE that you have one header for "Microsoft VM" and one header for "Java (Sun)". Under "Microsoft VM", the "JIT compiler…" should be checked and "Use Java 2…" should be checked under the "Java (Sun)" header. If not, check ’em, and restart your machine.
  6. If you’re still having problems accessing the EFS Chat Room, including for the reason of installing that "810030" windows update, then UNCHECK the "JIT compiler…" box, restart and try again.
  7. …Sorry it’s so complicated, but that’s the choice of IE’s creator.
  Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Download this PDF reader to view the latest EFSports rules (in PDF format).
To download a file above, click on the link and follow the instructions.


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