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If you have any questions about EFSports Fantasy Football (or soon… Fantasy Baseball), please first read the EFSports rules and FAQ documents.  If your questions still aren’t answered, then post your question to Evolved Fantasy Sports in the appropriate thread in our EFSports Forums.  (You will need to register to post.)

If your inquiry is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, please use the EFSports Support form on the contact us page.  You can also use this form to leave comments or suggestions regarding anything EFSports. 

Our system is down a small time early every morning for data backups.  Otherwise, we’re generally up-and-running 23+ hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our only extended downtime is in January every year when we prepare for another FULL year of fantasy sports.

Our system times conform to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  It is a way of expressing time so that people can understand what time it is no matter what time zone they live in.  You can find a table of GMT offsets over to the side.

We support Internet Exporer 6.0-or-higher and Mozilla Firefox 2.0-or-higher.  Other latest browsers from Safari, Opera and Google will probably work fine but haven’t yet been thoroughly tested.

Thank you for joining the evolution here at EFSports


GMT -12 Eniwetok
GMT -11 Samoa
GMT -10 Hawaii
GMT -9 Alaska
GMT -8 PST, Pacific US GMT -7 PDT
GMT -7 MST, Mountain US GMT -6 MDT
GMT -6 CST, Central US GMT -5 CDT
GMT -5 EST, Eastern US GMT -4 EDT
GMT -4 Atlantic, Canada
GMT -3 Brazilia, Buenos Aries
GMT -2 Mid-Atlantic
GMT -1 Cape Verdes
GMT (no offset) Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich
GMT +1 Berlin, Rome
GMT +2 Israel, Cairo
GMT +3 Moscow, Kuwait
GMT +4 Abu Dhabi, Muscat
GMT +5 Islamabad, Karachi
GMT +6 Almaty, Dhaka
GMT +7 Bangkok, Jakarta
GMT +8 Hong Kong, Beijing
GMT +9 Tokyo, Osaka
GMT +10 Sydney, Melbourne, Guam
GMT +11 Magadan, Soloman Is.
GMT +12 Fiji, Wellington, Auckland
Note that ALL North American Zones are in red.