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RankPriceOptionsTeam NameWalter Payton16EE019$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  The Menaces 0009Walter Payton16EE0413$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  XXXXXXXXXXXMonsters Of The Midwest16EE056$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Honza Power HourMonsters Of The Midwest16EE0615$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  LEGION OF BOOOOMMonsters Of The Midwest16EE108$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Iron Brigade 20Monsters Of The Midwest16EE1111$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  The UnstoppablesDouble Dozen12ES0211$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  SoCal HoneyBadgersDouble Dozen12ES039$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Castle Rock SeahawksDouble Dozen12ES0810$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  RollinDouble Dozen12ES104$50.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Black PanthersEFS Masterminds XXV12ES055$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Show Me Your TDs IIEFS Masterminds XXV12ES0910$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  3yards&acloudofdust; 25EFS Masterminds XXV12ES1011$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  The Big DogsLeague of Thrones16EE0111$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Show Me Your TDsLeague of Thrones16EE0315$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Montréal RedmenLeague of Thrones16EE0712$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Troy-My-Head-Aiks-manLeague of Thrones16EE1014$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Granite State LegacyLeague of Thrones16EE1213$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  IronborneHorde95League of Thrones16EE144$250.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  RegendsNew Dudes12EE122$150.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Domination Nation- 14-15 champLeftover Meatloaf16EE021$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Indominus RexLeftover Meatloaf16EE107$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  KC Mean Machine – 97Leftover Meatloaf16EE149$75.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  SORRENTO WARRIOR16 Tons16EE031$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Punch Face Champion16 Tons16EE0613$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Blind Pigs 100016 Tons16EE0714$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Hell Bent Queso Fart16 Tons16EE104$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  The Menaces 100016 Tons16EE149$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  The Pooh 1000League 300116EE0516$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Gatlin Guns 3001League 300116EE0611$0.00BUY | View Team (Summary)  Old CowboyTo buy a new or orphan team, select "BUY". (New teams listed last.)

Teams already fostered are in green but are STILL subject for sale.

Number of teams stated before league type: EE = Enhanced, ES = Standard.

To see a team’s roster, choose "View". (Select the "Back" button when done to return here.)

(You can change the orphan team name when you buy it.)

(To buy an entire league, call .)Credit Card Purchases EFSports.com requires credit card authorization prior to assigning a franchise to an owner. This means that the team listed as next available is likely to be assigned to you but not guaranteed upon purchase. EFSports.com will assign the next available team upon confirmation of credit card authorization. Due to the nature of the Internet and the support of multiple concurrent transactions, EFSports.com cannot reserve teams for purchase.